Yeah I’ve Been There!

It is such an amazing country with so much history already for one so young! From coast to coast there is a great deal to see, and things to learn about where we came from and so where we are going! I am proud that I have seen so much already and humbled as to how much more there is to see. I was lucky that my mom took me to see these paces when I was young and I am looking forward to sharing Canada’s history with my own kids as the years go by. Even more I am looking forward to seeing some of the incredible places farther way from my home that I have never had the chance to visit!


Road Map

Hamilton, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario

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Heritage Houses, Forts and Museums of Niagara

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 4 places
Visit the fascinating heritage homes and museums of the Niagara Region!
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Heritage Houses of Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario 9 places
Heritage houses and museums have the ability to let us walk back in time.
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Eight inspiring historical gardens across Canada

British Columbia to Wallace, Nova Scotia 8 places
Eight inspiring historical gardens across Canada.
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Perkins House Museum

Shelburne, Nova Scotia 1 place
This colonial gem, built in 1766 is a must see while visiting Liverpool.
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