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Canada has a multitude of historic places that tell our vast country’s history, and take us back in time.  The stories, and preserved buildings, documents and artifacts enlighten our imaginations and feelings of wonderment. We are allowed to celebrate and explore generations past that have contributed to, and have ultimately created our present day.  We one day too will become a part of history for upcoming generations.


Road Map

Coquitlam, British Columbia to Rimouski, Québec

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Heritage Houses, Forts and Museums of Niagara

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario 4 places
Visit the fascinating heritage homes and museums of the Niagara Region!
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Heritage Houses of Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario 9 places
Heritage houses and museums have the ability to let us walk back in time.
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Eight inspiring historical gardens across Canada

British Columbia to Wallace, Nova Scotia 8 places
Eight inspiring historical gardens across Canada.
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Perkins House Museum

Shelburne, Nova Scotia 1 place
This colonial gem, built in 1766 is a must see while visiting Liverpool.
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