Beachville was once the heart of Oxford County. It developed as one of the area’s earliest settlements and, as a result, has rich histories to share. Beachville District Museum maintains and exhibits thousands of artifacts related to communities that span Zorra Township and South-West Oxford Township. It also interprets the earliest open lime quarries in Beachville. The Museum’s main building was constructed in 1851 as a house for Philander King. John Downing, one of the founders of the limestone quarries, purchased the home in 1880. In 1902, the second story was added. The house remained in the Downing family until they sold it in 1969. Beachvilime Ltd. retained the house for several decades before selling it to The Beachville District Historical Society (founded on 18 February 1975) for $2 in 1992.


OCL at the Beachville District Museum

Lots going on at the Beachville District Museum

Posted by Oxford County Living with Shayla Wolff on Friday, May 25, 2018